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I am an artist living and working in Lancaster, PA, with my family. The Obsessive Dollhouse is a lengthy investigation into how the home can serve as a surrogate body, a creative haven and as an isolating and insulating space to keep us from feeling other's suffering. This is a self renovation blog. Through construction/ renovation and destruction, through natural and unnatural forces, this blog will document the process. In the end what will be left?

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Table

A dollhouse needs a place to rest.  A foundation.  This morning I destroyed a rolling cart to create the table.  Folding legs.  How did they make those wooden church tables stay up?  My daughter suggested the alternating leg pattern and nixed the wheels.  No need to roll the house anywhere.  With work tables all around, I work on the floor like always.

The Space

Finding the spot to build is always tricky.  Not too close to the highway.  Even site.  Good sun.  The attic studio has a long history of inspiring the creative.  Under the eaves.  For now this is it.  Consecrated ground.

The Beginning; A Plan

How does an obsession start? A dream? An idea?  Do we need the home we dream about?  What does it do for us?  Certainly more than shelter.  So the plan is written and I begin.  Never having spent this long on an art project before.  Renovating houses has always come at the expense of my artwork.  Can I follow through with the hard parts?