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I am an artist living and working in Lancaster, PA, with my family. The Obsessive Dollhouse is a lengthy investigation into how the home can serve as a surrogate body, a creative haven and as an isolating and insulating space to keep us from feeling other's suffering. This is a self renovation blog. Through construction/ renovation and destruction, through natural and unnatural forces, this blog will document the process. In the end what will be left?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Electrical Fire in the Bathroom

Flames shot out of the ceiling and then black smoke.  Not sure how old the wiring was.  Bad burning smell.  And then silence.  I hope I don't have to rewire the whole house.  How long have you lived without lights?  When did your home almost burn down?

Two Worlds

The real and unreal are coming closer together.

We Are Electrified

Having lights creates a kind of life in the house.  A warmth.  It feels good to turn on the lights.  It is more like home.    Do you imagine your home with the lights on?