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I am an artist living and working in Lancaster, PA, with my family. The Obsessive Dollhouse is a lengthy investigation into how the home can serve as a surrogate body, a creative haven and as an isolating and insulating space to keep us from feeling other's suffering. This is a self renovation blog. Through construction/ renovation and destruction, through natural and unnatural forces, this blog will document the process. In the end what will be left?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

When you burn the furniture, to stay warm, do you pick your least favorites first?

When the space inside your house is not enough.  The rooms are fine, but they are too close to the other rooms where people- your people- are loud or annoying or even just breathing.  Creating rooms of comparable volume, like tents, that could exist away from each other.  You know like in ET when they have the plastic tent set up in the driveway.  And since this is about skin in the game, I am making them with paintings.  My paintings.  They are the perfect object, because I know them like lovers and though I have moved on they represent a dream and a vision.  Each painting you make is the best you can do at that moment.  And I am cutting them up.  Mixing up periods from the last five years.  And sewing.  It was tremendously sad moving the scissors through the canvas.  And it felt like a violation.  I was not meant to know the sound of cutting a painted canvas, like flesh.